Tripping the Rift

Forget about shame, humanism and tolerance! Drive children away from the screen (they are still early) and those who are looking for script flaws even in a porn movie. Don’t take it too seriously and shut your brain off.

Tripping the Rift was created just for this.


… is located in the 27th century AD, in the Milky Way galaxy and on various planets, where fate and lust for profit throws the small spacecraft Jupiter-42. For several centuries, people have mastered space travel and met there with many alien races (from humanoids to slime). At the time of the action, the known Universe was divided between the Confederation and the Empire of the Black Clowns, political regimes of different goals and ways of achieving them. But both sides strongly hate the little Jupiter 42. And there is a reason!

The universe of the animated series borrows many features from Star Trek, and the plots of the series in a mocking manner play on the bright features of popular films and TV series (The Terminator, Desperate Housewives, etc.) and famous actions such as protecting witnesses, meeting alumni, pollution of the planet etc.

The motto “Tripping the Rift” should be the phrase “There is nothing tolerant here!” Indeed, no. The characters scoff at such (“saints now”) concepts as homosexuality, the place of women in the world, the flaws in the appearance and feelings of believers. And all this is seasoned with vulgar jokes. Absurdity and surrealism rule the galaxy.


… quite acceptable, although in 2004 in 3D did not work miracles (as now). But the picture is bright, it does not seem flat, and the main characters are carefully written, down to the last wart. With “extras” the situation is worse – especially when portraying busty girls, figures are repeated.

But I have no particular complaints about drawing.


… shown, but all strategic locations (nipples and crotches) are covered. And intercourse is not shown in all details. And there is enough blood in the animated series, but again not in details.

Characters …

… make you laugh. Not touching the main characters, many of the minor characters are a desperate allusion-parody of the earthly people of our time. In general, the aliens in the animated series are much more people, but almost all of the humanoid type. Most often, such an anteater-like race comes across:

And now about the main characters …

…. which are consistent throughout the entire series. This is the Jupiter-42 crew consisting of:

Captain Shock McBlob is a purple, three-eyed alien with green freckles and tentacles. He is dull, greedy and constantly lustful. Most of the episodes begin with the fact that he again said something unsuccessfully, did, stole, deceived or unsuccessfully mutilated.

He has a remnant of conscience, but for them to manifest itself some kind of sickly kick is needed.

The biped is a co-pilot and a native of the planet Mu. The appearance is non-trivial – 6 limbs (from the side it will go down as a centaur if there are half-cows), skin with warts, a wide mouth and eyes, like a snail. She considers herself to be a beauty, or at least a very attractive person, but the whole world thinks differently. She loves the attention of men (who are afraid of her) and is able to fuck up a robot for exploits.

Sexy is not just a non-human, but a cyborg. Created as a sex slave whore and was acquired at auction. But then Shock (for the sake of economy) reprogrammed it, adding the skills of an engineer. The Biped did the same, secretly pouring ideas of feminism, humanism and other tolerance into the electronic personality of the cyborg (in order to annoy Shoku). Sexy is the main conscience of the team.

Gus is a robot, that is, not a person at all. Equipment without any rights. But Gus himself does not agree with this. On Jupiter-42, he is engaged in consumer services. Gold in color, with blue eyes and stereotypical homosexual behavior. Again, any words about his unconventional orientation Gus takes hostility.

Whip is a teenage lizard that Shoku has been fused by his own sister. Selfish, lazy, sloppy and stupid (there is someone to take an example from), he embodies all the stereotypes about teenagers.

Finally, Bob! Artificial intelligence controlling the Jupiter-42 spacecraft. Suffers from a variety of phobias, including fear of outer space. At the same time, he is reckless, cowardly and lustful, like the captain of a ship. Sexy is regularly suffering from his harassment.

Minor characters are also interesting in their own way, but you don’t need to read about them – you need to watch them. The head of the Black Clowns, his daughter Babette and her beloved Adam, Shoka Benito’s grandfather – they all turned out to be very colorful figures.

Official page “Tripping the Rift” on IMDB.