Archive 81
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Archive 81

Archive 81

An archivist takes a job restoring damaged videotapes and gets pulled into the vortex of a mystery involving the missing director and a demonic cult.

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Archive 81 123movies review

The cast of Archive 81 123movies was as close as possible to the characters in the original narration, during the casting, the director got to the point.

The 1 seasons flew by so quickly and imperceptibly that I did not even have time to recover, but my favorite characters will remain in my heart for many years.

I watched the 8 episodes in a few days, since I did not want to interrupt such a complicated story at all, I was looking forward to the end of the season.

Drama, Mystery is a genre that cannot be imagined without this series, it has everything from perfectly thought-out characters to an incredible unexpected ending.

I understood exactly what I wanted to say in the series Rebecca Sonnenshine of Archive 81 123movies, I like it when the ending is clear, without understatements and room for my own conjectures.

Atomic Monster has a reputation for being one of the best in the industry, and this is once again confirmed by this beautiful series, becoming a true masterpiece in its genre.

Views: 160

Genre: DramaMysterySci-Fi & Fantasy



TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 53 min


TMDb: 7.2


Starring: Ariana Neal, Dina Shihabi, Evan Jonigkeit, Julia Chan, Mamoudou Athie, Martin Donovan, Matt McGorry,

Archive 81
Archive 81
Archive 81
Archive 81