Roseanne Season 9 Episode 7
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Roseanne Season 9 Episode 7

Roseanne Season 9 Episode 7

Absolutely Fabulous glam gals Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley (in character as Edina and Patsy) are among the few down-to-earth participants in Roseanne’s outrageous Halloween outing. They’re guests at an Upper West Side soirée, where new multimillionaires Roseanne and Jackie have gained entrée into New York society. But for grandmother-to-be Roseanne, a witches’ coven soon comes into play — a la Rosemary’s Baby — and bizarre happenings begin to involve a very pregnant Darlene.

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Serie: Roseanne

Guest Star:

Episode Title: Satan, Darling

Air Date: 1996-10-29


Roseanne Season 9 Episode 7